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Company Overview

Abiders Technology is a Bhubaneswar-based, system integration dynasty, offering modernized integration solutions to address the streamlined outlook of companies for digital space. We are a forward-thinking tech innovation company with the capability to accelerate your digital journey. Our goal is to deliver you system-integrated solutions, exclusively focused on efficacious commercial outcomes.

What Do We Do?

We interpret the visions, needs, and objectives of customers into advanced software where functionality, ease of use, utility, and competence are perfectly aligned. Our service perimeters cover almost all IT verticals including IT Networking, IT Security, Data Center Solutions, High-Computing Services, Web Designing & Development, Cloud Integration, Enterprise Application Development, And Video Conferencing Solutions.

Why Choose Us?

We provide everything that a business needs to accelerate its digital transformation campaign. We develop bespoke system integration solutions that include state-of-the-art digital keys to minimize business operational costs and efforts while ensuring more streamlined quotients. As a result, we empower seamless, secure, and advanced integration solutions, with a focus on complete digital transformation priorities.

Our Clientele

We provide end-to-end integrated solutions for digital conversion across various industries and sectors, we have everything that your business needs to prosper including bespoke solutions, a practiced global team, proven operating models, and top leading international IT partners. Our end-users are:

  • Airport Operators
  • Educational Institutes & Individual Educators
  • Government Authorities
  • Hotel Operators
  • Marketing Mavens
  • Security Pundits
  • Sports Settings
  • Utility Authorities

We have already served some of Odisha’s leading business giants like Indian Oil, OMC, Institute of Minerals and Materials Technology (IMMT), STPI Bhubaneswar, IIIT Bhubaneswar, ODM Public School, Bhubaneswar, etc. with our Security, Telecom, Structured Cabling, IT Networking, AV Systems, and High Computing Services.

Our Vision

  • To be the most leading & pioneering provider of integrated system solutions to cater to present-day business objectives
  • To rest steppingstones to meet the future’s evolving operational challenges
  • To deliver cost-effective yet premium-quality technical assistance
  • To continually reconnoitering system integration possibilities on the digital horizons

Our Mission

  • To optimize the efficiency of every modern-day business with technology-enabled integrated system solutions
  • To be the most credible and reliable partner to every customer we work with
  • To deliver digitally efficient & cost-effective services for complex business management through ground-breaking methodologies
  • To fortify employee brilliance and ensure them a competitive advantage to maximize their skills & aptitude

Our Core Values

  • Delivering the most innovative & cost-effective integration solutions with long-term sustainability guaranty
  • Maintaining the highest integrity level by giving optimal priorities to the customers, associates, business partners, and vendors
  • Respecting professionalism, promoting teamwork, & nourishing challenging spirits
  • Upholding world-class ethics in delivering high-quality, credible, accurate, & on-time services & solutions
  • Promoting employee satisfaction, employee experience, & work-life balance

Our Market Essentialities

We specialize in conceptualizing, designing, engineering, procurement, installation, reviewing, modification, and commissioning of system integration services for various industries. Our uncompromised passion for quality service – and to make a difference to the modern-day businesses have distinguished us from others in the market. We are having Commercial & Technical collaborations with the most leading technology giants of the globe. It enables us to deliver the most innovative & integrated solutions to meet the bottom line of the businesses.

Our Fortes In Market Verticals

  • Airport, Roads, & Railway Transportations
  • Education
  • Government & Corporates
  • Healthcare Sector
  • Hospitality & Tourism
  • Modern Societies
  • Oil & Petroleum Department
  • Power & Telco Utilities
  • Retail, Public Areas, Sports Complexes

What Do We Deliver?

Abiders Technology has a comprehensive & all-inclusive approach to entirely address, integrate, and manage modern-day businesses and their needs for digitalization, integration, and improvements. We offer the following Core integrated Solutions:

  • Planning & Implementation Of Advanced System Integration
  • End-To-End Communications & Technology Services
  • Electronic Security Including CCTV, Control Room, Sensor & Alarm, Access Control, PSIM, OSINT, Thermal Imaging, & Surveillance Analytics Solutions
  • Managed IT Networking Services Including Both Active & Passive Solutions
  • Parking Management & Intercom Services
  • Software-Based Developments

From The Director’s Desk

Abiders Technology was made with a mission – the mission to streamline and ease the business operations through multi-tech, advanced, and custom system integration solutions. Here, I’m very much proud to say that we have been abided by our core missions. It is quite praiseworthy that all our clientele has appreciated Abiders Technology because of our distinction, professionalism, work quality, dedication towards excellence, innovative methodologies, and of course, a wonderful core team. I would acknowledge and applaud every member of the Abiders’ Family for their commitment and enthusiasm towards the company and work. Thank You, Everyone!

Director & Chairperson of Abiders Technology Bhubaneswar.